Trade Operation
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Trade Documents

Single Administrative document

The SAD is a single import declaration document that includes all the particulars of a specific consignment of goods.

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Certificate of Origin

This is an international trade document used to identify which country an imported good has come from.

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EAC simplified certificate of origin

The simplified certificate of origin allows customs officials in the destination country not to charge import duty on exports that are accompanied by the SCO.

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Health certificate

This is an official written document that declares the food safety status of a consignment of edible goods. It is issued and signed by a certified officer of a competent health authority.

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Certificate of Conformity

A certificate issued on a tradable good after verifying that the goods has met particular quality standards.

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Goods on sensitive list

These are goods that can be grown or made in EAC countries and can seriously affect the economies in the East African Community countries if it is allowed to be imported. Such goods are given additional protection above normal tarrif band that is contained in the second schedule of EAC CET. However, if a good from the “sensitive list” is traded between EAC countries, it does not attract a tax. It's done to prevent unfair competition of goods produced outside the EAC and within.

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